Feeling That Itch

It’s been six months since I’ve gone anywhere, so I was getting that itchy feeling to move.  Without having the time to plan a big trip, I decided I would do a sort of road trip and visit friends in various cities. 


I started by flying into Nashville, where I hung out with Dani, an old friend from LA and her family. Great time honkey tonkin’ and catching up. In a random coincidence, I also ran into a friend that happened to be in town too. Oddly enough, the last time I saw her was fifteen years ago when we were both in Nashville at the same time as well.  A happy reunion.



From there I rented a car and it was on to Cincinnati to see another old Southern California friend, Tiphanie and her lovely family. Great to see them all. Although, I think she had an ulterior motive to get me to move there by showing me how much house I could get there compared to LA! Tempting, but don’t think I’m an Ohio kind of girl.


After that, it was on to Ann Arbor to see, yep, you guessed it, friends Kimberly and Ralph, who showed me an amazing time. Since there are no good pics of the Ann Arbor leg of the trip, here’s one of the yews in Kimberly’s yard that we trimmed. I only wish I had a before photo so you could appreciate the skill and technique these two anal retentive ladies put into it! I did need a nap afterwards, I will say.


All in all, it was a great time. I had a couple of hard days where I needed a lot of rest. Luckily enough, my people understand me/this so I felt very taken care of. Up next, Cuba!

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