Born in Westminster, California, Jill was the second of five children. At an early age her family moved to the small Southern California desert town of Beaumont where she spent her childhood attending parochial school and later attended the local high school.

After graduating, she spent several years moving around Southern California before settling in Los Angeles in the early 90’s. Deciding to take a long sabbatical, in 1994 she flew to Brazil where she spent two of her five weeks there in the Amazon jungle where she believes she was bitten by a tick, then onto the south of Spain where she stayed for several months working as a bartender in the military town of Rota. It was here, in Spain, that she first noticed symptoms of what she now knows were the beginnings of Lyme Disease such as shortness of breath and numbness in one leg.

Upon returning to the U.S. a little less than a year later, she moved back to Los Angeles where she set off on a 19 year journey to find answers to what ailed her. Though shy as a child she is now a vocal proponent of getting Lyme Disease the recognition it deserves and is a champion for early diagnosis.

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