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How some symptoms manifest

twitching finger

A typical morning. This isn’t painful, just weird. My eyes and fingers twitch often.  If I’m particularly stressed, the bottom of my feet will burn and I’ll have the sensation of little spiders crawling on my face. Yay!.

I’m so not techy, so I’m not sure why the video doesn’t automatically show, but you can click on “twitching finger”.

Today I Ran


Over a year ago, I had to cut back on almost any sort of exercise. In the interest of being honest, I’ve never been one to work out regularly. I go in fits and bursts, But, I do like hiking. I also love yoga but I could only rarely take a level one class.

Those of us with Lyme understand that when we are down, we can’t get out of bed no matter how hard we try. If I managed to get to a yoga class, I often times felt worse after, leaving nauseous  and with a migraine.  

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been hiking. A lot! It feels so good and am so happy that I have the energy to do so. I even went on a Friday night after a nine hour work day!

But today, during a hike, I ran.

Now, let’s not get crazy. I din’t run the whole thing. Hell, I didn’t run at all going uphill. I did, however run the last two thirds of the way down even surprising myself when my brain kept saying “You can stop now” my feet still wanted to move. So move I did.